Amaiglos (N)- Delver of Secrets

Emphasizing strengthing the mind and plumbing the depths of the universe in pursuit of knowledge.

He is portrayed as an adult human male with a hooded robe of shifting stars and a cowl that hides his eyes, but not the silvery beard that flows from it. His symbol is an eye with shining stars in the background.
Domains: Oracle, Mind, Domination, Knowledge

Yerath (NE)- The Death that Lingers

Death of any kind is encouraged, especially if the process is long and painful. The undead are treated as representatives and instruments of death, and raising undead is also encouraged. He hungers for an end to the cycle of life, to a never ending state of death.

He is portrayed as a wraith with a grotesque mask. His symbol is a dagger driven into a skull.
Domains: Death, madness, Evil

Enthaia (CG)- Lifegiver, Goddess of Creation

Druids and those that value the joy of nature, especially worship this goddess who is attributed to being a defender of nature and the natural order. She detests undead and abberations as unnatural and a disease upon that which is good and pure. She is portrayed by each race as one of their own with trailing tendrils of ivy as hair, with vegetation growing at an accelerated rate as she passes, even from her very feet. The colors of her hair and gown mirrors the changing seasons. Her symbol is an acorn in the silhouette of a tree.

Domains: Plants, Animals, Healing, Creation

Agrias (NG)- The Cleansing Rain, The Gentle Storm

She is a goddess of weather, and many, especially sailors, will pray to her for fair weather. Her priestess specialize in healing magic which is done by pouring water over a wound. She hates all things evil and fire.
She is portrayed as an insubstantial woman within a fog or cloud with dark hair and a white flowing dress. Her symbol is a waterfall issuing from a white cloud.
Domains: Weather, Air, Healing, Good.

Moloch (CE)- The Destroyer

An entity of fire, he is worshiped by many evil humanoid races (e.g. orcs, giants, goblins) who are encouraged to lay waste to the civilized world, especially with the use of fire.
He usually speaks through any large fire, or appears as an orc or giant with eyes and hair of flame. His symbol is that of a flaming sword.
Domains: fire, evil, chaos, destruction

Thenos (CN)- The Arm of Strength, The Lord of Combat

Combat, the continuous struggle for supremacy is what he believes life is all about. Whether it is a battle over territory and resources, or the conflict to master that which is within, the world is but a chessboard to him. He appreciates those who overcome challenges and strive for improvement whether they be good or evil.
He appears at times of great conflict in the guise of a blond haired warrior donned in full plate, bearing a sword and shield, all of which are crimson. His symbol is a red shield and sword.
Domains: war, strength, and competition

Erenden (CG)- Lord of the Many Waters, Master of the Deeps.

Protector of the oceans and those that dwell within, this god represents both the gentle and the rough temperament of the sea. Erenden encourages a balance of living off of the bounty of the ocean, but also treating it with proper respect.
He appears as a fellow with tanned skin and light unkempt hair with bits of seaweed. He is clothed in nothing more than orange shorts, wearing a loose necklace of beads and shells, and carrying an ocarina made from a conch shell.
Domains: oceans, water, travel, and good

Abigodien (N)- Dreamcatcher, The Conjurer

She who catalogs every dream and knows every secret desire, this deity is a traveler of dreams. Each dream acts as a portal into a different world. She at times will communicate to someone of impending danger, or of life changing events, in their dreams if she deems it necessary and they worthy. She also is a deity of magic, and some of the tenets of her priestesses will center around the responsible use of magic and will also encourage its study as a way to open up new possibilities.
She appears at times as a woman with dark hair with silver stars spread throughout, and wearing clothing made of the skins and furs of animals. She has been known to be portrayed as carrying a silver bow and arrows. He symbol is that of a woven circular net, decorated with beads and feathers on three sides of the woven circle.
Domains: dream, magic, mysticism

Iband (LG)- The Glorious One, He Who Shines Forth

The defender of all that is good and pure, this god is constantly at war with Yerath, and all that would bring darkness and corruption. He will appear to his worshipers as though surrounded by intense light or as a giant eagle with golden brown feathers that scintillate with light. He is called upon for protection and for purification when facing evil.
His symbol is that of a broadsword within a sunburst.
Domains: sun, purification, good, and protection

Deordwa (CE)- The Frozen Lady

A bitter crone of a woman, she was once a minor woodland goddess that had grown jealous of the goddess Ethaia and summoned a bitter frost that killed on of Ethaia’s sacred forests. With the loss of these rare trees, and the forest’s inhabitants, Ethaia banished Deordwa to the frozen poles, never to experience warmth or the beauty of life again. Now she dwells in the icy wastes, calling upon horrific storms for the unlucky few who may dwell there, and sucking the warmth from wandering travelers.
She looks to be middle aged woman with bluish skin and wrapped in coats of fur. She will either appear as someone lost, or as someone offering shelter from one of the storms. Her followers are few and utterly depraved, and so there are few temples but scattered shrines built by northern tribes in return for protection from the cold. Her symbol is a frozen and barren tree. Domains: Cold, Evil, Destruction

Enthin (LG)- The Anvil, The Protector

This deity took notice of the survivors of the cataclysm that were taking shelter underground. Many were visited by this God in one form or another to guide individuals into a new world and begin the arduous task of rebuilding. He is a god to all smiths and builders who will call upon his blessing when finishing a project, and is a general protector of the people.
He will appear to worshipers as an ordinary member of their race at times of great need. His symbol is an anvil and hammer. Domains: Earth, Good, Protection

The Father (LN)- The Lawgiver, He Who Holds Ultimate Judgement

This stern god exacts judgement on all worshipers who break his laws. In some cases, his judgement will extend to those that he believes has transgressed higher laws that disrupt the natural order of the world. This is the state religion of Xephas, of which the whole of their society is based upon. He encourages his followers to bring as many people under his protection and law for their own good.
His symbol is a gavel crossing a sword upon a kite shield. Domains: Inquistion, Glory, Law

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