Nations and Areas

The nation of Saylia, where you will start, is run by a decent king, is a bit isolated but self-sufficient. It has a treaty to a series of tribes of giants to the north in the foothills, and has just finished a major war with a horde of orcs from the mountains to the west. They survived the invasion, but at a significant cost, and there is still rebuilding going on at this time 3 years later. Suffice it to say that there is a great deal of animosity towards anyone of orcish decent.

Their nearest neighbors are the gnomes of the city-state of Kandor to the east, and the foul nation of Nezaidia to the south. It is believed that it was Nezaidia that goaded and enticed the orcs of the Greenstone Mountains into attacking Saylia.

Nezaidia is known for practicing slavery, enlisting mercenary bands of evil humanoids, and practicing foul magic and even human sacrifice as a matter of course. The nation is led by a group of aristocrats, with a language is has Slavic roots.

Zafrin is in an arms race with its enemy, Ravillia, and is unearthing ancient technology. It is a monarchy that has tight control over its citizens, and persecutes non-humans as 3rd rate citizens. Its language had a Russian/Scandinavian influence.

Ravillia is trying to keep up with the technological advantage that Zafrin threatens to achieve, but its monarchy is in a state of flux as the current king has died, and the heir is too young to yet rule. There are rumors that the king’s death was not of natural causes.

Arcus is a dwarven monarchy that is assisting its neighbor, Fanzar, from a protracted war with a host of Hobgoblins.

Fanzar is also a monarchy known for its elven artistry and metalworking for its population of wood elves that dwell within its forested borders. The human population has been decimated and the wood elves are assisting, along with the dwarves, in a gurrela war within the Reikler Forest. Here you would have your German influence.

Leksands is ruled by nobles, is known for its ports, fishing, and strong navy

Vilbereth is ruled by a council of mages. It has many universities, many of which are colleges of magic. Magical aptitude is highly sought after. It is a wealthy trading rival but also a partner of Leksands, and has a strict class structure.

The Duchy of Chay is a land of temples and monasteries, with an emphasis of mastering the powers of the mind in order to achieve contentment and enlightenment. It is ruled by a duke.

Xeph is run by its church and state religion. All other religions are treated as pagan at best. to practice divine magic is to be a part of the clergy. Arcane magic is highly regulated. Only the military is allowed to practice it. There is a certain level of steam technology.

Trent is an autocracy. It is rumored to be a utopia of sorts made up of a series of city-states that are protected by hard transparent domes linked by metal pathways (monorail). Magic is not practiced so much as the high level of technology.

Redmere has no government, but is in anarchy as many different factions (races) are fighting for supremacy or are keeping others at bay.

Parkas is in a rigid feudalism that is very dark and depressing, ruled by a tyrant.

Devolt is an autocracy with a French influence.

Moevierren is a monarchy with Portuguese/Spanish roots.

Dehameallah- is a Theocracy that has a Arabic language and culture that is the closest to being what it was originally thousands of years ago.

Nations and Areas

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