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With the ever increasing demand for new sources of energy and travel, the scientists of the day began to probe the dimensional layers that held reality together and unwittingly taped into the weave of raw magic that had lain invisible to our world since we relegated its use to superstition and legend. This hole created was like putting a crack in a dam that immediately released a flood of raw energy throughout this world. As this wave washed over the entire globe, many of its inhabitants were changed, mutated by its properties and became what we now know as elves, dwarves, goblins, and a whole host of races. The animals and plant life changed as well, and there were even creatures born from the very magic itself.

In the world of Ardea, science has been replaced by magic, the world’s cities have been brought to ruin, and populations have been reduced to handfuls. The world that once was has been virtually forgotten as time begins to erase all traces of it’s past, and everyday technology is elevated to the status of artifacts that few can even imagine its use. 5,000 years later, the world is a much different, quieter place.

The world is a creation of my making that is still evolving. The only thing is that there haven’t been many who have decided to venture out of the towns of their birth to seek what is really out there. I am looking for at least adventurers who are willing to step out of their comfortable homes and into the unknown.

The game would be D&D 3.5, taking 80 points and dividing them among your stats (divided among your 6 stats with nothing higher than 18 or less than 8 before racial modifers), starting at 3rd level. I am not limited to any books, but let me know the particulars so that I can decide if it will fit. This site will give a lot more detail into the story and background of the campaign, but for the meanwhile you may very well be just exploring. I also have a class that specifically deals with technology if anyone is interested. There will also be other elements that will be incorporated into the game inspired by other systems that will be discussed.

Home Page

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